About CWCC

Chad Walkaden Counselling and Consulting (CWCC) was founded to ensure that you have the type of proven professional support that is needed to get you and your family back on track. 

When working with Chad, you literally have one of Australia’s best mental health professionals come into your life to give you the support, strategies & real life experiences that has resulted in him being sought out by families across four continents to help them with their challenges. 



A professional therapist with over 18 years experience in providing specialist therapeutic interventions to individuals and families in the most complex circumstances in Australia and the United Kingdom.


One service combing both the reparative work associated with counselling, coupled with the more proactive, goal orientated approach to coaching.


Flexibility about where and when you receive your services (we accommodate the needs of all families by delivering our services afterhours and on weekends at your convenience).



Chad is a Mental Health Expert with a global following that has resulted from the consistency in being able to create lasting changes for his clients. Among his notable achievements, Chad’s work has been published in Discoveries journal & he has created an incredible digital mental health application called OnTracka.

He is an experienced forensic social worker, who possesses tertiary qualifications in education and family therapy. Before starting his business, Chad worked with children, young people and adults in private practice and across Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s) and state and federal government.

Throughout his career, he has worked as a consultant to a broad spectrum of children, adults and organisations in both the United Kingdom and Australia. He has extensive experience of working across mental health issues, drug and alcohol concerns and complex family circumstances, including but not limited to family breakdown and emotional and behaviour challenges for children.

You will notice when working with Chad, that he has a friendly and engaging style that allows him to combine his inspiring personal achievements with a sound knowledge of the strategies required to help move you beyond your past or current difficulties. His eclectic approach integrates behavioural, cognitive and social psychological theories while also bringing you the latest evidence-based strategies to reduce your anxiety, stabilise your mood and improve your coping.

In 2015, he expanded his clinical skills when developing “The Sunflower Model: Life Beyond Treatment”. The Sunflower Model: Life Beyond Treatment is a nationally endorsed education/therapeutic group for people aged 16-24 who have finished their cancer treatment.

Since this time, his focus has been centred on collecting evidence on the range of services that he delivers. His results include demonstrated successes in turning around the lives of many clients that were feeling stuck when first meeting him. Among his achievements are the reductions in long-standing alcohol and drug use, changes to anxiety and mood disorders and huge improvements to relationships and workplace goals.

To learn more about Chad’s unique approach, click here to read his blog

Where we work

All work will be completed in your home or workplace. CWCC understands that life, and life’s successes and difficulties, do not occur within controlled and unfamiliar environments. Also, we believe that you will be more relaxed and that it will be more convenient to receive a service in your own home.

When assessed and part of a targeted plan, we undertake our interventions in “live environments”. A live environment means targeting your anxiety, frustration or difficulty in an environment that replicates where the difficulty occurs.  * This will not be applicable for all people. 

We understand that time is a precious commodity and that people live extraordinarily busy lives. That is why, in addition to providing face-to-face services we can provide additional services through skype or other video conferencing options.  This ensures that we make it extremely easy for you to access your support wherever and whenever suits you.

Make you feel more relaxed and confident.

Identify key environmental factors that are not evident in a therapy room.

Eliminate the stress, worry and planning that can be assoicated with adhering to standard operating hours.  

How it works

Make an enquiry

Call us or make an online enquiry to tell us about your circumstances and the difficulty that you are facing. This enables us to initially make that important therapeutic connection and to arrange details for your initial consultation.

How it works

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation is necessary to outline a plan that includes the focus of the work, how frequently support will be required and the timeframe within which we will review your outcomes.

How it works

Overcome Difficulties

An initial consultation is necessary to outline a plan that includes the focus of the work, how frequently support will be required and the timeframe within which we will review your outcomes.