Chad Walkaden, Director & Primary Practitioner

31 October 2019

Alcohol is by far one of the biggest killers of your productivity. While you may know this, the social pressures of alcohol have a huge impact on your behaviour. So, to assist you, I wanted to focus on the reasons why alcohol impacts your life and how you can find the right place for alcohol in your life. 


This is episode IV of The Chad Walkaden Show where 101 tokens founder, Benny Wallington explores peak performance, the challenges and joys of building a startup and how alcohol impacts all of this.

Benny Wallington is the founder of global smart drinking movement 101 Tokens, guiding thousands of people in 76 different countries to redefine their relationship with alcohol.

He also created the term ‘vice optimization’ and delivers keynotes around the world on how to flip those cheeky vices from blockers into peak performance triggers.

He is the host of the podcast ‘Finding the Frothers’, where he interviews inspirational people about who and what allows them to access next-level achievements.

He believes that intentional conversations can lead to solving the biggest problems we face and is testing this hypothesis with Macquarie University.

You can find him at:

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