Chad Walkaden, Director & Primary Practitioner

13 June 2020

Been taking some time away from all social media to work out what my truth is about the circumstances unfolding that has been occurring on in response to the murder of George Floyd. 

In helping me frame thus, I was mindful of a quote from famous psychologist Carl Jung who says that people don’t have ideas, ideas have people. This quote made me search to consider what is that I believe & how am I making sense of the circumstances.


In helping me frame thus, I was mindful of a quote from famous psychologist Carl Jung who says that people don’t have ideas, ideas have people

The point that I have been focusing around is the historical link that some people don’t seem to understand. Admittedly, I may not really understand it either. But, this is how I am currently understanding it & I’m open and willing to learn.

In framing this, I want to appeal to the Mum’s out there. I’m curious if, after becoming a Mum, do you ever recall a heightened sense of concern & safety for other children, not just your own. If you are not a Mum, how about a matter that is very close to your heart for you own reasons. Could be suicide, child abuse, addictions or cancer.

If you or someone you know has suffered considered any of these examples. You have likely experienced the emotions that can surface for you when you hear about another one of these matters or hardships occurring.

Maybe think about that hardship for a moment. What loss, sadness, grief or anger is associated with those feelings? I know it’s easy for me to come to tears at every story of survival or struggle. Like that, tears come to me.

This got me thinking. While I don’t have the formula to say you need to times that feeling by 10 or 100 but I think that emotional state you experience can provide a context to the circumstances for people when they saw the brutal murder of George Floyd. I am mindful of my words and it has been confirmed that it the matter before the court is murder.

Another point to be mindful of is that this murder is not seen an isolated incident but a series of continual historical events that trigger intense responses that some of us won’t understand. And it is the understanding that I think is the biggest thing for me from all this.

The understanding that I don’t know a lot about this.
The understanding that justice is required for the murder.
The understanding that I need to learn & understand more.
The understanding that your understanding is also required.

With that said, I’m open to understanding how I can continually understand more and your comments and feedback will help me and us all to do this.

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