Cancer coaching

THE CANCER BLUEPRINT and BEYOND THE BLUEPRINT are two Specialist Cancer Coaching Programs that support individuals and their families at different phases of their cancer journey.

Why choose us?

Although it is not possible to take away your cancer diagnosis, we can take away some of your emotional and psychgological stress and also support you to make decisions that promote your quality of life.

What is involved



You will be professionally supported, encouraged and guided throughout the four key stages of our evidence based Specialist Cancer Coaching Program by a three-time cancer survivor who is an expert in providing personalised cancer services.


Incorporation of movement, nutrition and relaxation techniques to promote your emotional, physical, psychological and social wellbeing. 


Learn indiviudal strategies to reduce the stress, anxiety and fears that can be associated with your current circumstances. 


Optional to include carers, family members or loved ones into the program. 


Use of behavioural, cognitive and social psychological theories to help reduce the emotional and psychological effects of cancer.


Interactive, practical and preparatory learning exercises that are designed to maximize the care provided from your doctor and or oncology staff.


Completely tailored coaching plan to suit your personal needs.  

What services are available

Both our programs are now available in group settings.

Simply send an enquiry to ask about the location, format and the reduced pricing structure.

A Five-week program for individuals recently diagnosed or receiving some form of cancer treatment

The five-week program encourages you (and your family) to process the feelings and emotions associated with your individual circumstances. Over the five weeks, among other things, you will be supported to achieve an optimal state of well-being and learn specific strategies that reduce the impact that cancer has on your life.

A Four-week program for individuals finishing and or finished their cancer treatment

The four-week program targets the vulnerabilities, stressors and changes that may continue to occur after treatment is finished. Over the four weeks, among other things, you will be professionally supported to prepare, plan and implement changes that will help place you in the most optimal position to live a life beyond cancer.


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