MEDITATION – Everything you need to know  

Chad Walkaden, Director & Primary Practitioner

31 October 2019

Meditation. Everything you need to know to get started or deepen your practice will be presented in this thrilling one hour conversation with Chris Soll who is on a mission to make meditation cool. 


This is episode V of The Chad Walkaden Show where Founder of the Mindspo Online Meditation Courses and Mindspo Meditation Retreats, Chris Soll gives an incredible overview about meditation.

Chris is a Meditation Expert and this shows throughout the podcast with his insights, examples and overall presence providing information that will speak to a beginner as well as someone with a solid existing meditation practice. 

This is a show that will give you a lot of benefit. To make contact with Chris or to find out about how you can find out more about the options available through Mindspo, look him up at Instagram on:


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