Podcast with Founder, The Cancer Blueprint

Chad Walkaden, Director & Primary Practitioner

12 October 2018

In this interview, Chad talks about how was able to beat stage 4 cancer while defying all odds.


Here is a quick breakdown to help you skip to what you are interested in:
6.01 mins: Diagnosis and what was happening
8.01 mins: What is positivity
1246 mins: Fear and Death
17 mins: Before cancer
23 mins: Thoughts on life
26 mins: Stress
31 mins: Conventional vs Alternative
35 mins: Advice to other cancer patients
38 mins: Work with end of life/erminal patients
42 mins: The Cancer Blueprint
46 mins: Oncologist or me
48 mins: If I could go back in time

There is some background audio (got lost in talk and didn’t realise) so please bare with it!

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Mental Health
What we can do about suicide
Relationship & Seperation
Your relationship status and your health