Should you be exploring the Ketogenic Diet? 

Chad Walkaden, Director & Primary Practitioner

16 July 2019

The ketogenic diet is the world’s most searched diet and I wanted to talk to a keto expert to share with you the ways you can benefit from adopting this approach.

Before we explore it, lets get a two minute overview from keto expert Sam Beechley or @coachbeechley to anyone that wants to look at him in Instagram.


I maintained nutritional ketosis for 10 months after my second reoccurrence. This meant, <10 grams of carbs everyday.  

In the podcast, I share with Sam the reasoning for me adopting a ketogenic diet back in 2016. Additionally, we talk about the three main ways that your body can get into a state of Ketosis:

1. Nutritional Ketosis (think high fat, moderate protein and low carb). 

2. Fasting (naturally, your body will enter a state of ketosis after approximately 2-3 days of fasting).

3. Exogenous ketones (Sam talks about this in the show below).  

Very interested to see some of your reactions to the show or future suggestions about topics that you want me to explore. If you have this, please send me an email to or come say hi on Instagram @chadwalkaden. 


Thank you!


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