Chad Walkaden, Director & Primary Practitioner

28 May 2020

In response to many of you asking me about the different ways that I fuel my body, I have decided to make a video to show you the the four staples that I am currently using to boost my mood, energy and also improve my libido. 


It is helpful to know that the four items that you will see are taken 90% of the time after at least 18 hours of intermittent fasting

To ensure you get the most value out of this, I have broken down the four points below and I express my caution that this is working for my body. So, my advice to you is, take this as a reference for your own learning, seek out professional assistance iF required and use the #OnTrackaApp to ensure you are monitoring your health journey.

Also, before I start, it is helpful to know that the four items that you will see are taken 90% of the time after at least 18 hours of intermittent fasting. My reasoning for this is because it simply has been demonstrated to be the best way for me to maintain my energy, mood & productivity. For you, it may be different so be gentle with yourself and monitor your progress so you are making informed choices based on what is best for your body.

Let’s get started with the four different items:


Increasingly, you will be hearing about the significance of your gut health for your psychological well-being and Kombuca is a super tasty way to benefit from the good bacteria and probiotics that are available in this extremely popular drink. 

If you don’t know, Kombucha is fermented tea that has been used by different cultures around the world for thousands of years. It can be a powerful antioxidant and is definitely something that you should looking into it. 

For me, I have one shot of homemade Kombucha to start the day. 

Hot water and lemon

There are no surprises that I’m choosing this mixture that I imagine many of you also start the day with. If you don’t, here are the five reasons that you should:

1. Provides a rich source of vitamin C to boost your Immune system. 

2. Helps maintain the pH balance in your body.

3. Acts as a detoxifying agent.

4. Can promote weight loss as it promotes your digestion and increases your metabolic rate.

5. Anti-inflammatory properties to help fight respiratory tract infections, sore throat and inflammation of tonsils.

My dose – I cup of water with half lemon or full lime. 

It is helpful to know that the four items that you will see are taken 90% of the time after at least 18 hours of intermittent fasting


Achiote is a little-known herb in the western world but it is predicted to be one of Peru’s next superfoods. Among the benefits, Achiote has anti-inflammatory & anti-ageing properties plus digestive benefits and it is definitely something that you should be considering adding into daily life. The urgency for you to act is heightened if you or anyone close to you has or is at risk of prostate cancer. While it is anecdotal evidence, there seems to be a wisdom in why shamanic healers from South America have used Achiote tea as a daily ritual. 

Dose – Four cups of tea throughout day 

Una de Gato/Cat’s Claw 

The benefits of being exposed to traditional Peruvian plant-based medicines are really showing in this blog.

Throughout the period I was healing my body during the last reoccurrence, I incorporated a small shot of Una de Gato into my morning and night schedule and this has recommenced with Una de Gato being readily available in the raw format from many markets near my current location in Peru.

By this stage, you may seeing a pattern evident in the remedies that I am taking every morning. With Una de Gato, it is no different. There are a host of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and the possible antitumor properties that make this a staple to be included in my morning routines. 

Dose – 1/4 of a shot mixed with Pisco every morning 

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There is no greater investment than the investment in your health, particularly when these four things are not expensive and will start giving you benefits within a week 

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